Likebook Mars

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The Likebook Mars T80D e-reader is the most powerful e-reader ever made. With its Octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM can run APPs smoothly. Android and Google Play will give you full access to more free apps than other eBook. And the front-lit display has a color temperature system to protect your eyes.

Main Features:
●Android APP: is available to download much more free e books
●7.8 inch E-ink touchscreen: 300ppi high resolution, reads like paper without glare. Use a special anti-glare process, 16-level grayscale, effectively reduce the reflective light and protect the eyes
●High-speed octa-core 1.5GHz chips RK3368: feature faster response, smoother page turning, lower power consumption, and more stable performance
●Built-in front-light ( warm and cold light switching ): protect your eyes and enables you to read day and night
●Convenient PDF reading: functions of adjusting grey-scale, edge cutting, re-layout, rotating direction would bring much more convenience to you
●Voice reading function: high sound quality. You can listen to audiobook and music
● 16GB super storage: support to accommodate more than 2000 books. Support 128GB expansion by TF card. Built-in 3100mAh battery for offline reading for 12 days once fully charged
● Smooth and comfortable touch: ultra-slim 9.3mm titanium magnesium alloy frame, delicate polish back shell, more durable, lightweight, and compact

● Screen: 7.8 inch 300ppi E-ink touchscreen. High resolution 1404 x 1872
● System: Android 6.0
● Reading light: 24 scales adjustable reading light, front light ( warm and cold light switching )
● Battery: 3100mAh
● Charging time: 4 – 5 hours
● Support File Formats: EPUB / MOBI / PDF / FB2 / TXT / JPG / PNG / GIF, etc.
● Free leather case included

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  • Play Store Activation:–t2gA
  • 7.8″E-ink HD Touchscreen: 1404*1872 300PPI Super high resolution, 9.3mm thickness enable light and thin comfortable touch feeling; special anti-glare Technology effectively reduce the reflective light and protect the screen.
  • Android 6.0 System: RK3368 8Core 1.5GHz processor, Faster response, Smoother turn page, Lower power consumption; 2G+16G Storage space, Support Bluetooth ,WIFI Data transfer, Build your own library
  • Dual Mode Color Temperature Front-light: 24 Grades cold and warm light adjustment Step-less adjustable. Protect your eyes and enables you to read day and night.
  • Multiple Formats For All Your Need : Support multiple mainstream formats in market Excellent PDF reading experience , Automatic edge cutting adjusting grey-scale, re-layout, rotating direction would bring much convenience to you. A2 refreshing to improve your setting performance


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